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Special Needs Dentistry

Dr. Scott T. Simpson has over eight years of clinical experience providing dental care for individuals with special needs. As a Tigard dentist that treats patients with special needs, Dr. Simpson provides quality care to a vastly underserved group of individuals. At Appletree Dentistry, we treat individuals with a number of medical diagnoses, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Delay, and many more. We understand that routine care for many individuals with special needs is often difficult to obtain due to behavioral issues, and the Appletree Dentistry team is trained to use a variety of behavior management techniques to better serve our patients. We are happy to care for all individuals with special needs.

  • Do you have a family member or loved one with special needs?
  • Are you tired of calling office after office and being told that your loved one cannot be seen because of their disability?
  • Does your loved one have behavioral issues that prevent good oral hygiene and make dentist and doctor visits more stressful and difficult?

At Appletree Dentistry, we take pride in caring for individuals with special needs. We always strive to use the least invasive and least upsetting methods possible to achieve necessary treatment.

Often, this can be accomplished with simple explanations of the dental procedures we are attempting to complete. Sometimes more “hands-on” methods of behavior management are needed, which may include gentle physical restraint or even dental sedation. Our patients are never “tied down” to a chair for treatment.

Parents are encouraged to join us in the treatment room during non-sedation procedures. We find that this often provides the patient with a degree of comfort and reassurance. In rare cases, we will ask a parent or caregiver to leave the treatment area in an effort to redirect behaviors.

At Appletree Dentistry, we understand the difficulties involved in caring for individuals with special needs and look forward to creating a warm and comfortable dental environment – a dental home – for those individuals.