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Foods That Benefit Your Oral health

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When we dentists talk to our patients about food choices that will benefit their dental health, we often speak in negative terms. Don’t eat too much sugar, don’t drink too much soda, avoid drinks and foods that will stain your teeth, etc. After all that negativity, we figured it was time to bring a little positive energy to the conversation by discussing all the wonderful things you can eat that not only won’t damage your teeth but can even make them stronger. That’s right! There is a whole selection of foods you can eat that will benefit your oral health and make your teeth brighter and healthier!

Let’s Get Cheesy

If you love the seemingly endless rainbow of cheese available in the world, we’ve got some great news for you! All kinds of cheese are high in vitamins and minerals that will help your teeth, with calcium playing a central role on the list, but the benefits don’t end there! Eating cheese can actually raise the pH of your saliva, creating an environment that’s harder for bacteria to survive in. How’s that for the power of cheese?


Sweet, tangy, smooth, and creamy, yogurt may just be one of the world’s perfect foods. As a dairy product, it brings with it all the benefits of cheese, with the added bonus of being packed full of probiotics. For those unfamiliar with the term, probiotics refer to a class of bacteria that are actually good for your health, and that just happens to be available in abundance in yogurt! These bacteria take up the places that the bad bacteria that cause plaque and tartar occupy, serving as yet another line of defense for your teeth.


You’ve heard the old saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, it doesn’t just apply to doctors! While we look forward to seeing your smiling face in our clinic, we also want to keep your visits down to twice a year. Apples go a long way towards accomplishing this goal by scrubbing your teeth and gums with their abundant fiber and water. Apples also help cut down on the number of bacteria in your mouth and can actually freshen your mouth.


If you go nuts for nuts, then almonds are going to be your new best friend for great oral health. They’re absolutely packed with protein and calcium, and make a healthy snack addition that will benefit your teeth! Try adding them to a stir-fry or salad for maximum delish!

If you want to learn more about great foods you can add to your diet to improve your oral health, make an appointment at AppleTree Dentistry today! Dr. Scott T Simpson and his team of dental experts can provide you with great choices that will make your oral health diet even more amazing! Break the habit of improving your oral health by taking away your favorite foods; it’s time to start adding delicious new options that will leave your smile strong, beautiful, and sparklingly white!

Dr. Scott T. Simpson At AppleTree Dentistry, Dr. Scott T Simpson set out to create a caring environment focused on dentistry for families. Dr. Simpson graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in 2005, going on to practice as a dentist in the USAF for three years before being honorably discharged.
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