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The Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Family dentists understand what family means, and at their office, they can make you and your family feel right at home. Family dentists have years of experience in treating and caring for children and adults of all ages. When compared to other forms of dentistry, such as general dentists, family dentists provide a unique insight into your family life and assist you all the way when it comes to your dental care needs. If you’re searching for a dentist that will be able to treat your family, then here are some reasons why you should choose a family dentist as your number one choice in dental care.

Family Dentists Treat Adults and Kids

Because children are still developing their teeth, a family dentist will have qualifications in pediatric dentistry to help teach children about their teeth and how to properly take care of them. If your family consists of grandparents, then a family dentist will also be able to provide dental care for them, too, especially if they require assistance from family members or have age-related conditions such as dementia. Family dentists can treat families all together at one location, making their services reliable and consistent.

Family Dentists Work Around Schedules

When parents and loved ones have tight work-life schedules to move around, family dentists will be able to provide those families with flexible times to schedule appointments. As long as each family member can visit the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup, then family dentists will be able to help you and your family with caring for your oral health.

Give Prompt Emergency Services

Children that participate in sports and other activities will eventually, at some point in their lives, experience a dental emergency, such as a loose or chipped tooth. Family dentists will be able to provide emergency services for those children while giving them a safe environment to be in. For the elderly, if an elder falls and hurts their mouth, then a family dentist will also be able to treat them with the right tools in hand.

Work Together With Parents

Parents who care about their family members, including their children’s health, will want to know the ins and outs of their dental care services. A family dentist will be able to explain any situations that occur easily, and teach parents reinforcement techniques for their children to brush their teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and use mouthwash. Family dentists will also be able to keep track of their child’s health over time and inform parents of any genetic or heretical problems they notice and provide treatment for them.

Create Long-Form Dentist-Patient Relationships

Family dentists work with family members and thus build strong relationships that leave impressions on children and parents for life. With a family dentist, children won’t need to fear the dentist, and parents won’t need to worry about any traumatic experiences under their care.

No matter if you’re looking for a dentist for yourself or your entire family, Dr. Scott T. Simpson at Appletree Dentistry will be able to guide you and your family with compassionate, comprehensive dental care. Located in Tigard, OR, Dr. Simpson offers family dental care for all of your needs and help you feel right at home in their office.

Dr. Scott T. Simpson At AppleTree Dentistry, Dr. Scott T Simpson set out to create a caring environment focused on dentistry for families. Dr. Simpson graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in 2005, going on to practice as a dentist in the USAF for three years before being honorably discharged.
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