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Solutions for Periodontitis

The tooth is bound in our mouth by our gum.  Gum disease is the inflammation of this gum, and it can spread to the surrounding environment which supports the teeth. It occurs in three stages, and these are the gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis (which is the most severe). The advanced gum disease, which is […]

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relaxing in dental chair

Here’s How to Relax at the Dentist

Recent studies estimate that between nine percent and fifteen percent of Americans avoid the dentist out of fear. That’s about 30-40 million people who are not getting the dental care that they need. Telling someone to get over it and just get to the dentist because it’s good for them doesn’t work. A fear of […]

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dental implant surgery

Recovery from Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants offer patients a permanent solution to tooth loss. Whether you’ve experienced lost teeth because of decay, damage, or just family genetics, you likely know how embarrassing the situation can be. Once you come into the office and are cleared as a candidate for dental implants, it’s important to start the process of preparing […]

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Why Checkups Are Essential

Those of us who have spent our lives following a rigorous routine of good dental hygiene can sometimes become complacent about our visits to the dentists.  After all, if our teeth are looking fantastic and there’s no discomfort or pain, why do we need to see the dentist?  What you may not know is that […]

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Welcome to Appletree Dentistry

Thank you for visiting the blog of Appletree Dentistry. Don’t forget to check in periodically to see our latest posts.

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What Is a Porcelain Veneer

If you’ve been looking into ways to improve your smile, you’ve likely heard the term ‘veneer’. Veneers refer to a thin porcelain coating designed to go over your natural teeth to help remove imperfections and create a more beautiful smile. These porcelain veneers are bonded to your teeth in an effort to change their color, […]

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How to Relax in the Dental Chair

A recent survey showed that between 13% and 24% of people suffer from a phobia of the dentist. While it might sound benign, this fear can actually cause more than just an emotional roller coaster for patients. In fact, a fear of the dentist can lead to overall poor oral health because a person hasn’t […]

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